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Dear god…never in my life have I ever seen a collection of worthless spergs and manchildren whining about children’s cartoons in my entire life…


5 thoughts on “TheMysteriousMrEnter

  1. Jammy

    MrEnter is one of my favorite YouTuber’s of all time.. Here’s a suggestion: GET OFF OF THE INTERNET AND STOP BULLYING EVERYONE!!!

  2. WoldowJR

    You seem to have this idea that cartoons are just for kids, which is understandable. That’s what the general public seems to think. MrEnter, however, believes that cartoons have the potential to be more than just kids shows, an idea you seem to reject, so I get why you would brush John (Enter)’a reviews off as whining. It’s completely understandable. I just see more redeemable qualities in his content.
    I’m guessing that BenTheLooney might’ve turned you off to the idea of ranting about cartoons in general, which I totally get.
    Really, you can say anything you want about John, but don’t put him into the same group as Ben. They’re two completely different types of reviewers.
    Honorable mentions:
    John can be biased sometimes, but Ben is ALWAYS biased.

    There are times where John can stumble on his words or say something that doesn’t really make sense. It happens 2or 3 times an episode, usually.
    Ben, however, stutters or fails to deliver a line about once every minute, and he completely neglects to edit it out.

    5. Style
    John puts effort into editing his videos. He researches, he scripts, he edits, and he tries to make his videos as good as possible, being limited to Windows Movie Maker and all.
    The most “effort” I’ve ever seen Ben put into a video of his was poorly sketching himself a few times.

    4. Knowledge
    John does his research. He knows (or SEEMS to know) a lot about the spectrum of cartoons.
    Ben is PAINFULLY uninformed, as if he just brushed through a few forums before recording each video.

    3. Scripts
    John tries to say intelligent things, and, every now and then, he REALLY pulls it off, with some memorable lines, a great analysis or 2, and good jokes.
    I have never heard Ben say one respectable thing in his videos. All of his jokes fail, and his points make no sense sometimes.

    2. Voice
    John has a kinda annoying voice, I’m not denying that, but it sounds like HEAVEN compared to Ben’s voice. There are moments where it seems that John is trying his hardest to control his voice and be serious. Ben shouts nonstop. It gets REALLY grating, REALLY fast.

    1. Motives
    John takes cartoons VERY seriously. So does Ben. But they do it in vastly different ways.
    John is trying to inform the writers of certain cartoons what they’re going wrong, while simultaneously opening the eyes of thousands to the disastrous states of some shows. He also tries to prove that cartoons aren’t just for kids by providing examples of intelligently written and themed. He’s making an attempt to save the medium of animation.
    Ben just bitches about shows that he doesn’t like.

    …Wow, that was long winded.
    If you actually made it through this comment, congratulations. I hope I could enlighten you a bit. If not… Oh well, I tried.

      1. worstmusicoftheyear

        “why can’t all of the comments I get be like yours?”
        Probably because people no longer think, anymore. They emote. They fail to grasp the full context of a situation like this and instead react to only what they’ve been given without combating anything logically.
        I treat moments like this as an opportunity to help the author understand where the fans of a certain YouTuber are coming from, while many others just bash the author because they disagree with them.
        After reading some more posts, I quite enjoy this site. You bring up some really good points, and your posts are strangely entertaining to read, even though I disagree with your definition of a “cartoon.”

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