A Response to kfcnyancat…

Hi there!  So…yeah, I’ve been meaning to update this with the intent of covering Benthelooney’s videos and give an in-depth look as to why they all suck.

But the thing is…Ben’s videos are seriously boring.  Like, sleep-inducing boring…he just goes on and on with no pauses or actual video footage to break up the monotony.

In addition, now that Benthelooney has “retired” (even though he’ll most likely be back in a month or so), there’s not much for me to work with.  I mean, his last video was him talking about his favorite Disney videos.  Honestly, it’s kind of harmless and I see no real problems with it.  I was surprised that he actually likes “Frozen.”  Thought for sure he would have hated it, but whatever.

Well anyway, the reason for this post is because I received a rather interesting comment from one kfcnyancat on YouTube.  While I could just reply to his comment there, I thought it would be better to write a blog post here than clutter up the YouTube comment boxes with an unnecessarily long comment (seriously people, I know there’s no character limits, but for the love of God people…).

Here’s his original comment as it was on YouTube:

Now, even though admittedly, I’m such a “big meanie” in the YouTube comments, here I am going to be as civil as I can and reply to his comments in a fair manner.  So here we go.

No.  The reason that “it’s for kids” doesn’t mean it has an excuse to suck is because:

Oh, here we go, let’s hear it.

Adults should be able to look back fondly on their childhoods.

I agree, but the thing is with Benthelooney as well as most of the people who make rant videos on cartoons as well as comment in the comment sections of said videos, is that they’re not really being nostalgic for it because they look like they never gave it up.  I can understand feeling nostalgic for things you liked as a kid, but your childhood has to end before you can feel nostalgic.

I mentioned before that watching “The 90’s Are All That” really brought me back to when I was at grandma’s sitting on her old green couch watching Rocko and Rugrats on “the big T.V.” in the living room.

However, that was then.  I’m living in the now, where I go to college, go to work, try to pay off my share of the bills and make ends meet.  In this day and age, I’m more worried about if I’ll be able to pay for gas and my tuition than I am about how Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or any of these other networks I’ve long outgrown is “going down the toilet.”

It always annoyed me how these people go on about how Johnny Test is a disgrace to the legacy of cartoons or how Michael Bay is ruining their childhoods.  Meanwhile, women are still fighting to have their voices heard, people in Africa have no food and are starving, and children in the Middle East continue to watch over their backs…but your precious childhoods.  Yeah…that’s definitely depressing (/sarcasm).

Seriously, get your priorities straight people.

It makes it less grating for parents.

Parents who probably don’t watch cartoons because, like me, they have more important things to worry about than being annoyed by a cartoon?  I know sometimes parents watch cartoons with their kids (mine did when I was younger), but even if it’s a show parents hate, I’m pretty sure they’re not really going to care whether or not it’s grating.

That philosophy is more humane to people who makes cartoons because because if everyone went by your philosophy…

Okay, I’m going to stop you right there.  Where did this idea that “it’s for kids” was my philosophy?  It’s not really.  Sure I say it a lot, but it’s mostly for people who seriously are way too obsessive about cartoons, even those that really aren’t targeted for them.  But I’ll explain more of that in the next comment…

Saying kids’ cartoons have an excuse to suck is just showing your 100% disrespect for kids.  They are smarter than you think.

I never said that was an “excuse” for cartoons to suck.  You’re just putting words into my mouth.  And I’m still not exactly sure how I am “disrespecting” kids.  Kids are kids, they will never be understood (especially by people like you who clearly don’t have kids and yet thinks you do).  Kids are always going to like something that you think is stupid.  Doesn’t mean they’re stupid, they’re just kids.

All I am saying is that people who rant about Johnny Test or Sophia the First or that CGI TMNT cartoon are pathetic because they’re ranting on a show that’s mainly geared towards children.  That’s not just my opinion, that’s how anybody in today’s society who aren’t obsessed about cartoons see things as well.

Is it good when there exists a cartoon that does have some level of intelligence and respect for their audience, but to expect every cartoon to be like this (like what Benthelooney and every other awful internet ranter does) is just plain silly.

Have you ever seen reviews for Breadwinners?

No.  See above for why I couldn’t give a shit.

SIX YEAR OLDS HATE THE SHOW!  This means that kids are intelligent and they won’t take just anything.

So?  What if kids liked it?  What would you say then?  Wait!  I know this one!  You’d probably go “UGH!  Why can’t kids enjoy the cartoons I’d enjoy?!” or “Kids are so stupid these days!  Thanks soccer moms!”

So basically your argument amounts to when kids like something I don’t, they’re stupid.  But when kids hate something I also hate, they’re smart.  Pretty biased there, eh?

Cartoons are art.  They show an expression and/or tell a story.

Okay, I won’t deny that it is.  It is definitely art.  When it comes to Saturday morning cartoons though, I’m not sure I would call it “credible” art, but okay…

[Friendship is Magic] tells the story of…

Fuck you!  No really, fuck you and every fucking brony who put this fucking cartoon on such a high pedestal!  I mean, really…what is it with people and this god-forsaken show?!  Benthelooney does the same thing.  When it comes time to pick the one cartoon that could sell people on your thought, instead of something with more widespread appeal like Looney Tunes or the old-school Mickey Mouse cartoons, you go and pick some show that was geared towards little girls (no fuck you, I don’t want to hear it) that pathetic, creepy manchildren picked up and sexualize the hell out of?  No, you’re not breaking any social norms.  If anything, you’re just reinforcing it (by showing how sexist and misogyny).

*takes deep breath*

Okay, here’s the deal.  NOBODY outside of the niche part of the Internet sees “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” as something that could break down the “social barriers.”  To most people, it’s a show about animated ponies mainly geared towards little girls.  And no amount of dumbass Brony conventions and meetings can change that perception for society.  In fact, as I said, you’re only reinforcing the social norms by showing why it’s in place.

If I may borrow a quote from The Fairly OddParents, when a child does it, it’s kind of cute.

But when an adult does it, it’s just plain creepy.

‘Nuff said.

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy tells about two kids doing stupid shit with the Grim Reaper, and if you don’t find it funny your sense of humor likely ranges between Adam Sandler and Post-cancellation Family Guy.

…or maybe they, like me, thought that it’s an okay show but not great and that Whatever Happened to Robot Jones was a more interesting show?  Seriously, what the fuck?  Is that how you typecast people who don’t like the same things you do?  “Oh my god, they don’t like Billy and Mandy?!  Gah!  They must love watching Adam Sandler movies!”

Oh and by the way, Family Guy is an alright show just for a couple of cheap laughs.

I think I have said everything that I could ever say about kfcnyancat’s retarded ass comment.  Well there was that one time when he said that he would pray for me (yes, actually PRAY for me) because how dare I don’t recognize the genius that is children’s cartoons.

Really, go fuck yourself kfcnyancat.


3 thoughts on “A Response to kfcnyancat…

  1. worstmusicoftheyear

    You know what’s even more pathetic than adults complaining about Johnny Test?
    Adults complaining about Dora.
    (By the way, that “phases of Dora” comment was left by me, as a rebuttal of sorts)
    thetoptens is one messed up site, indeed
    If you’re ever low on material for the blog, try out some of those links.


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