Introduction to the blog

Honestly, I never thought I would stoop so low as to do this.  Really, I never meant for this to happen.  I acknowledge that writing a blog solely dedicated to just ONE guy on YouTube is both sad, pathetic, and a tad bit obsessive (oh that’s three things.  Meh…whatever).  Initially, I would just leave a few comments on his videos, maybe say a few words to his fans as to why Benthelooney sucks and that’ll they are contributing to even more mediocrity on YouTube.

But then I started to realize something.  It used to be that you watch cartoons as a kid and as you got older you distance yourself away from cartoons and maybe get into more adult literature and television programming.  And when you became an adult, sure you would look fondly at your childhood and the cartoons that helped shaped it, but you never lose track of the future and you head towards making yourself self-reliant and a contributing member to society.

But thanks to the advent of the internet, now all of these manchildren who refuse to grow up and move on from their childhoods have been given a choice which appeals to other manchildren who refuse to grow up.  Suddenly, blog posts and videos on YouTube begin to appeal to these manchildren, the lowest kinds of people, and now there exists a sub-group that thinks it’s okay to be stuck in your childhood, treating cartoons and other childish things to ridiculously high standards.  All while real adults look at them with confusion, pity, and in some cases terror.

It’s a sad state of affairs…

Let me make this clear, you can watch cartoons.  You can enjoy cartoons.  You can write fanfiction, fan art, or cosplay at conventions or whatever.  I mean, it’s all harmless fun.  But that’s not really my issue with this whole ordeal.  It’s really hard to put into words, but basically my issue is with these cartoon enthusiasts who live and breathe cartoons and talk about them as if they were works of art that must be preserved.  These people are the ones who refuse to grow up and move on into adulthood.  These are the people whose whole life seem to just be about cartoons, childish things (like snacks and toys), internet culture, and YouTube celebrities and act as if they matter in the real world.

I bet you people reading this have all met someone like this.  Hell, I had to deal with someone like this for a whole semester.  This particular individual (who shall remain nameless) actually referenced Armake21 as their sole reason for why he thought the world was going to end in 2012.  I’m not kidding.

And these people are growing in numbers.  As evidence, I use Benthelooney’s subscriber count.  It was only about seven months ago that Benthelooney only had a mere 3,000 subscribers.  As I’m writing this, he now has 4,883 subscribers.  These people are just growing in numbers.  More and more people are actually buying into what he’s saying.  They’re suddenly getting this mindset that it’s okay to live in the past.  It’s okay to live in this demented Neverland of their childhood and never grow up.  I fear that this will all lead to them overshadowing humanity and bringing them down to self-destruction.

And that’s why I’m making this blog…

Benthelooney, whether he knows it or not, represents the absolute worst of the cartoon fandom and only contributes to this downfall of humanity.  While admittedly, he’s not the only ranter to be talking about this kind of crap on YouTube, he’s arguably the most well-known.  And his videos are truly something to behold.  They’re moronic, they’re lazy, they’re highly immature and horribly staged, they’re incredibly unfunny…

So the overall premise of this blog is to painstakingly go through Benthelooney’s videos and point out the bullshit in them.  Any time he makes a mistake, any time he says something stupid or immature…I will be sure to point them.  I also labeled this blog’s url as “benthelooney” so that way anyone Googling him will find this blog easily.

I hope you folks will enjoy what I have to say.


2 thoughts on “Introduction to the blog

  1. shoyrumaster11

    You should just delete this blog. Not that it will do anything as your pathetic blog is in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine!


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